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Scarcity is nothing new in the marketing world. It is a proven tactic used by all major companies in all industries. Everything from 'weekend specials' to limited quantity special addition products are examples of scarcity.

Ever wonder why scarcity is used so much?

Simple, because it works. Scarcity takes advantage of a fundamental human emotion: greed, and compels people to take action and purchase because they don't want to risk 'losing out'. In fact when you add scarcity to any promotion you can expect an increase in conversions by as much as 277%.
ClickBar takes this psychological tactic even further by adding a call to action bar, with custom text, a clickable button, and a countdown timer over any WordPress post or page. This delivers a POWERFUL emotional message that forces people to choose to either take action or risk missing an opportunity.
ClickBar is perfect for anyone doing: product reviews, affiliate promotions, CPA offers, list building, or selling your own products. With ClickBar you can build a bigger list, get more sales, and make more money by utilizing a psychological advantage that feeds on a basic human emotion...


Just Look At The Real Life Test Below:
Both days where promotions for the exact same product, and about the same number of people visited the offer each day. The first day there was a countdown timer and scarcity. The second day the scarcity timer was removed.
When the scarcity and countdown timer broadcasting the scarcity was present the exact same offer and exact same sales page generated over 4X the income than when it was removed.
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